Summer Camp 2018

Summer Adventures in Nature!

Let’s discover, uncover and just BE! We are going on a journey into the metaphorical Inside Out garden where the possibilities are endless and our imaginations are ignited.

We will be spending 5 nights per age group at Angel Hills Mountain Resort in Kampia, which is situated next to Riverland Bio Farm, on the outskirts of Nicosia.

The children and staff team will be staying in the cozy little hotel at Angel Hills, sharing rooms, two to a room.

Total immersion in nature, highlights will include cycling, visit to Riverland Bio Farm for a spot of fishing and kayaking, cooking, hiking, orienteering, open-air movies, star-gazing, waterpolo, dodgeball, treasure hunts in the wild, team games, trust games, confidence building activities and art and crafts activities the Inside Out way!

Ages 10-16

Sunday 22 July until Friday 27 July 2018

  • Departure – Sunday 22 July, Kapnos Bus Station, Aglangia 4pm
  • Return – Friday 27 July, Kapnos Bus Station, Aglangia 4pm


€450 per child all inclusive
Includes healthy and yummy breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, return transport from Nicosia, all activities, 4 Inside Out T-shirts, VAT and insurance.

Click on the BOOK NOW to download the application form or call 99924439 for more information.




Our bodies were built to MOVE!

Swimming, basketball, football, yoga, table tennis,
slip’n’slide, dodge ball, rounders, apple,
water polo, canoeing and minigolf.
outdoor fitness, hiking.

Expressive arts

Unlike traditional art expression, the process of CREATION is
emphasized rather than the final product.

We explore weekly themes through
Art & Creativity, Dance, Drama
Games, Jewellery making, Musicals Inside Out,
and of course singing
our hearts out at every given opportunity!

Life skills

There is nothing more inspirational and fun than helping children develop their soft skills, which will allow them to compete and succeed in the 21st century!

Treasure hunts, obstacle courses, cookery, debating, poetry, drama as a learning tool, mastermind challenges, name that tune, riddle solving, build-it-now projects. These activities are designed to build self-confidence, grow people skills and learn how to work in a team.