Kids Testimonials

Interactively coordinate proactive commerce via process-centric outside the box thinking.


I didn’t know what to expect when my mom signed me up for this camp, but I’m so happy she did! We got to create our own businesses, and it was amazing! The counselors were awesome and helped us every step of the way. I even got to present my idea in front of everyone. It was a bit scary, but I felt so proud of myself afterward. Plus, we got to play games and do fun fitness stuff too. I hope I can go again next year!”

Portsmouth Elementary School


“This camp was the best summer experience ever! I love how we got to be creative and work together in teams. We learned that it’s okay to fail sometimes because we can always try again and do better. The camp counselors were super nice and encouraged us to think big. I’m already thinking about what business I want to start in the future. Thank you, entrepreneurship camp!”

J.F.K. Elementary School


“I’ve always been interested in new ideas and technology, but I didn’t know much about entrepreneurship before this camp. It was so cool to learn about real businesses and how they started. The team challenges were so much fun, and I really enjoyed working with my friends to come up with solutions. I feel like I can do anything now!”

Texas Elementary School


“I had the best time at the entrepreneurship camp! The activities were super fun, and I learned a lot about being creative and starting my own business. I can’t believe I made a little product and sold it to others! The teachers were so nice and helped us when we needed it. I want to be an entrepreneur when I grow up!”

George Washington Elementary